Using Facebook Shop by Shopify

Are you interested in selling your Shopify products (and services) on the world’s most popular social media network? You have come to the right place because we will use this article to explain how to use Facebook Shop by Shopify to the maximum. But, how can we actually do this? What should we do to integrate a Shopify store with this network?

First of all, you have to install tracking pixel by Facebook. This is the tool that tracks visitor activity and it also analyzes the success of Facebook ads. This is an easy step-by-step process which is described on Facebook. Just use the help center to get the answers in case you are not sure how to do this.

The next thing that you should do is to synchronize the Facebook Shop with your existing Shopify-powered store. This is an excellent option because you don’t have to build two separate stores. It’s especially important for those who have large inventories that consist of dozens of products. Namely, if there is synchronization between the two stores, you don’t have to update the inventory manually. Everything is updated automatically.

Now that you know how to set up your store and why you should do this, it’s time for some marketing activities. As you are probably aware, Facebook ads have proven to be very helpful. They are targeting the right audience and they can help you attract new users. These ads must follow the Shopify and especially the Facebook rules which are quite strict. For example, you can’t advertise certain gambling activities. Obviously, users can’t advertise anything that is considered illegal either.

Let’s not forget that you can use your Facebook Store by Shopify to share content. In fact, the guys from Facebook are encouraging store owners to share useful content. By useful, we mean content that’s not just promotional. For instance, in case you are selling footwear (sneakers), you can share blog posts that will encourage people to walk and run. You can create content that shows how healthy it is to be involved in physical activities and how good footwear can help. It is important to share unique and useful content that users can’t find elsewhere. It’s not difficult to create content that’s shareable. In this way, you can gain more fans which ultimately mean more potential buyers.

Hopefully, this short guide can help you create a nice Shopify-powered Facebook Store.

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