4 Simple Ways of Selling Your Products on Facebook

Are you in the wonderland thinking about how to sell on Facebook? You have come across several success stories of entrepreneurs making millions selling products on their Facebook pages. You are wondering which magic they are using. You understand Facebook as the leading social platform. It is a place for sharing stories, criticizing the political class, and reading fake news about celebrities. The notion of generating income through Facebook sales is still a dream. Well, from statistics by Shopify, 85% of online buyers come from Facebook. Also, other researches show that 20% of online shoppers in the United States are buying a product through this platform. This information is pressuring you up to launch your Facebook branch. Unfortunately, you do not know how to go about it. If this is your current situation, this article is yours. Here are 4 simple ways of selling a product on Facebook without any challenge:

Add a Shop on your Facebook page

Do you have a business Facebook page? If yes, you are set for selling on Facebook. Under the page features there is an option for adding a shop to your page. Click on this option and start setting up your shop. Fill in the required details about your business. Next, configure your payment gateways. Upon this, you will move on to complete your set up process. Once you are through with this process, the next move is to add your products and start selling.
Setup a Shopify store on Facebook

Setup a Shopify store on Facebook

While Facebook offers an option for setting up an online shop, it has its shortfalls. For instance, it can be hard to expand your business beyond this platform. Also, you face limitations on the number of products you can sell. For this reason, setting up a Shopify Facebook store is a good idea. Using Shopify to build your Facebook shop comes with excellent benefits. One, you enjoy all the features of a regular Shopify store. Your store will be secure and responsive to various devices. By this, it will bust your target customer loyalty and experience.
Also, the approach breaks the payment gateway limitation. A standalone Facebook shop supports one payment gateway Stripe. The second option is PayPal which is in the testing phase. In comparison, a Shopify Facebook store comes along with more than 70 payment gateways. Hence, your customers can find their preferred and trusted checkout option. The only thing is that you will be paying a monthly fee of $9. However, weighing this against the gains, you can confirm that selling on Facebook with Shopify is a worthy venture. The final step is to go and give it a try, just click on www.shopify.com/facebook

Using the Facebook Buy Button
If you have an already existing Shopify store, there is no need to go for the Shopify Facebook store. Instead, you can make Facebook one of your selling channel. One way to do this is having a buy button on your Facebook ads. The purpose of this button is to allow customers to purchase products without living their social pages. Also, it shortens the purchasing process by eliminating numerous clicks. Hence, if you are running Facebook ads as your retargeting option, you need to ensure they have a buy button.
Apart from enabling you to connect your store with Facebook, Shopify is working hard to help you win sales. In the recent past, the company launched an integration to enable you to sell products through Facebook messenger. This option allows you to target customers using the chatting app. You offer the customers a chance to purchase products while they continue with their social interaction. Hence, it is an excellent way to sell on Facebook without many struggles.
Sell using the Shopify Facebook messenger integration

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