The Aerochop team is composed of four enthusiast researchers and engineers. They combined their abilities in chemistry, mechanics, electronics and fluid mechanics to provide turn-key solutions to industrials and academics application. A privilege access to the « Institut de Physique de Rennes » ‘s facilities enables them to supply chemical engineering studies in a wide range of conditions (temperature, pressure…).

Bertrand Rowe — Expert in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, chemical physics. « Father » of the CRESU technique. Scientific consultant for 25 years. Inventor of the aerodynamic chopper.

Vikesh Napal — Research Engineer Major in Industrial Computing and Automation, he focuses his attention on the prototyping and the industrialization of Aerochop‘s products.    

Andre Canosa — Directeur de Recherche CNRS (Research Director) Expert in Experimental gas phase reaction kinetics at very low temperatures Expert in Uniform Supersonic Flows and Laval Nozzle design.

Christiane Rebrion-Rowe — Former research professor at Rennes university. The chemist of Aerochop. In charge of technology watch.

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