Pulsed gate valve technology 

(Aerodynamic Chopper)

The aerodynamic chopper is a mechanical device which allows to generate pulsed flows in a different way that current available commercial pulsed valve.  It can be inserted on any part of a duct and allows a total aperture which makes it extremely suitable for combined applications of pulsed light and flow.
By design, the technology does not guarantee an absolute airtightness, but in many applications this is not a compulsory requirement. On another hand, it has the potentiality to be used on a much wider temperature range than valves available on the market.
The current technology has been used in the field of chemistry. By using a mastered Laval nozzle, it is possible to generate a uniform supersonic jet of gas having a very low temperature (currently down to 20K) and to study gas phase chemistry close to absolute zero.
We are currently developing a new version of the apparatus which will allow to keep an inert gas or “clean” & dry air cell and to prevent staining of optic windows.
Examples of other potential applications in combination with pulsed laser are given in the section “applications”.


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