About Us

Four passionate scientists for a product

Aerochop SAS is a start-up created in 2012 by four former scientists from the Institut de Physiques de Rennes, dedicated to put their best efforts and knowledge to the success of given opportunities.

Providing products

Aerochop develops its own line of products mostly based on the patented “aerodynamic chopper” (link) or related to, as Laval nozzle and high frequency pitot tube.

Aerochop can provide the special prototypes that it has designed: an excellent network of subcontractor makes possible competitive prices, including vacuum systems.

Developing Applications around the pulsed gate value

Aerochop acts as a service provider in a variety of fields related to chemical engineering and fluid mechanics. It can design special apparatuses for experiments at various scales in these fields. These include complete vacuum systems with their pump.

Aerochop members have high skills and experience in extreme conditions of temperature, in multiphase flows, plasma flows and a variety of measurement techniques, including laser based and mass spectrometry. Therefore Aerochop can also perform experiments for its customers using the designed apparatuses.

Customers include the petroleum company Total and the Universities Ciudad Real, West Virginia.

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