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Aerochop develops its own line of products mostly based on the patented “aerodynamic chopper” or related to, as Laval nozzle, high frequency pitot tube, compact heat exchanger.


Pulsed Knife valve

Pulsed gate Valve

Aerodynamic chopper

This product offers the opening frequency of a regular pulse valve and the opening of a regular gate valve.

It could be used for:

  • for generation of supersonic flow
  • for nanoparticle spread
  • for application in mass spectrometry
  • for pulsed laser deposition

Laval Nozzle

at your need

Using a dedicated software, we can design a nozzle meeting your flow requirements.

A predefined list can be found here.

Pitot sensor

High frequency impact pressure sensor

Using available high frequency pressure transducer Aerochop has developed small pitot tube which allows measurements of flow velocity including polyphasic flows in a rather inexpensive way.

Unique technology

Extending possibilities of existing pulsed needle valve

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First time it is 100% open.

This video demostrate one of the first prototype used for supersonic expansion.

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